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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 9, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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with how when you empower them up thinking. and. i know you knew you when will you the us. and now i am not looking hard for me whole on the twenty two points. it was
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if you want. the us. great weekend. did. owen. how we feel quilty mind as cleaning auntie says i'm in a state you to know what will go on to the general election the election commission said that you think will be held the full fat free second announcement comes off to the thai prime minister it is sold the mill house of parliament. given that tend to calm the country's deepening political crisis this states when there are many people opposed to the government from many groups. the best way is to give back the power to the thai people and holiday he lacks in to the thai people with the side. but
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that government could pay for needed to behave with namaste and they can feed into the pool and on the net to hold his own country. more than a hundred thousand people continued to come the government has seen the distribution and the cooling of the connection with little to none. it is to be this that there could be encouraging he said no but the people's health and a two week it was because good people to face the tough and the eunuch has dismissed the idea is unconstitutional and undemocratic a higher than fifteen k but this post i will stick it on the hopefuls have thought that i'd seen in a two in two thousand and six. like not to burn coal to rejoin the un correspondent martin denmark and is told about the latest gesture from you to know what this friday he told parliament say that there will be a snap election in saying that she will bond in that connection bought katie that perth is continuing the day in bangkok and we will warm to that of me and
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that he approaches me this attack was getting to fly the big one for monday that his reading batting the crowd to come back up to the king's birthday. to refocus on the potty to get rid of the time and if that is likely to happen and dc to protest like sweating from waist down. i just see scheme to give them a lot of is expected today at stake is now being talked about above the stove hundred and fifty thousand people at villa many strings of boxes to uphold that congregate seen at government house one of those just one of those street past the office of the colonia and it took about three hours of the column to ask the right to complete the top this massive destruction. but here in bangkok but then coming back to today's developments yet some parliament is dissolved add a snap elections being told them it's like the dates will be february the seconds next t f one no id love to watch remains in power but only as a caretaker prime minister but this isn't enough to satisfy the protests may get a seat at jokes about it he
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basically wants to see what he calls the shadow optimistic removed from my politics he belies that you love. it simply takes our instructions from my brother tax and type two was prime minister here before that he was ousted in a militant killed in two thousand and six. he's been in ever since but he remains central to thai politics. he's a dog in the north in the northeast of thailand by four people mostly from its twenty stores in farming subsidies and welfare reforms including cheap healthcare but but but he's been filed by the middle classes in the elites in the capital bangkok bank think that those policies when not designed to to improve the loss of the pool but simply to bring him up out of banks which would enable him to that of abuse that cough up for his own trees and then it's more than that. talk about you to know what he's done if it's that time the reading caught the eye fi card in the middle to the country as he said. as an interim caretaker prime minister for not keeping that
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one to take him to behave within the next eight weeks we will see. you can walk back in oct is that fateful prime minister. well lest some mechanism is fronted with friends at me from running the tickets so my second that she and her posse would win any election they have the popular votes and they've won every election here for the last twenty years at the opposition says that i went on to fold their populist policies but they have won that match it supports. it's not even certain at this stage if the opposition democrat. if the opposition democrats crossing would take part in those elections making of a seat on this point. today at the recent suggestions that then that on that happy with the electoral system and they would boycott the election so what happens then to senility all the pilots have to play a role that's because they tell when i'm in action at the protest is a want to see the democratic race is suspended on the unelected people's council set up taken including officials from many parts of thai society of it
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including oppose themselves and as we've said they wanted to know what's on the outs. but it seems very very unlikely that that millions and millions and millions of supporters would stomp about. thanks very much want to make going if that is that in bangkok will be having a team of correspondents out that day we stayed teacher teaching he went out onto the streets of the thai capital to find out what the protest is revived the house. sitting down to essentials i say this is going to be the last day of the contents of that are thousands of clomid history they even threw the ball this is just one. not much is going on all the girls until today that a certain extent purchases authority to
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some of the day. so i've been thinking of civil law announced live on tv all day it is going to consult the house with immediate effect. sydney the central take place within the next sixty days. these protests walk on them that the government to take over this move will be enough to protect. it's a cctv. on top koreans are thinking today on the possible reasons behind a rare outbreak of lighting up the crowd before the people set fire to vehicles and catch with him these days it has something to do with the influx of foreigners but one official in singapore denying this. he does a one to cost this as a form where is the essence of situation which one and today a racial paint it. i think we never get an incident on the severity or even a minor incident. there will be some on the man who would want to try it comes to the second week that obedience before
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and will close and beyond and so one ie think it is important for us not to be sweet by some of this in more sianz cannot be expressed on the bed sometimes when she gets to you. on the treaty to approach every one who can keep being a calm manner to our knowledge of police time to do with the will that be in the pool. to keep them every support in what they need. people of singapore's deputy prime minister says the dublin has asked the police to investigate about four hundred south asia might know what is hanging by a road accident that killed in the sense that causes days in singapore was watching in decades. eighteen people when injured. the violence erupted in the sci fi state crowd to the pool in the neighborhood on sunday night. often in view blessed with good thing though if i find if i didn't buy singaporean police arrested twenty seven the state and some of whom
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hold off on another project called little floaty the fight to calm the scene who fought and fought to take him on singapore including the use of the overcrowding and to the increase in my coworkers. relative calm has returned to the central african republic of the three days of heavy fighting between christians and most limbs. the dough still some spreading gone flying neighborhoods in the capital bumpy and the sauce in attending the muslim rebel group that sees higher in march and is keen for increased diminishes the still all preaching in the city despite a government order that domination retentive in fact cctv skatepark and cities in bondi in the central african republic. i need to look after them. many towns and castles with key chain. we should complete the tax rate
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and women who need to make the trip in chains the competition. there are thousands of course not today he only completed piece four hundred people were killed. not sure if the team thinks that the ntuc no one has recruited over the brutal cannot cope with depression. some people want to provoke a cartoon. so christians and muslims will fight with the top. we see note two days without looking towards respect and the special unit together which has helped to write the book and feed the pups will christians unless it's with together working and leverage when we come home situation in the home team the second time in the seventeenth hole. i mean and mind. well now made into a condition they all went a combined stake in dish and a
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comparable been thinking on the law that benny and malta i think they can think ahead it is heated to two continents. i'm green. much i did the scene. because december attack not that they're coming to kill all of us and to control the country sigh want and keep the car to calm and for there to be changed and put a president to go. this is what i want to happen. he intended it's kinda nice. hand in hand with good conduct medal the owners see you who don't play well he comes in. can i the republicans showed utility a useful been sold to bowl to him to return to that fact before he does all the cement and on the rebel groups in september the ball
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french troops had begun to farming fine tooth in the capital on the ac the use of force that he's still an option. the more that would join on the sign of taurus twenty eight pockets and he's on the streets of auntie kate it's been some promising news that the three days of heavy fighting no supported over the weekend does show some signs of calming guy did tony davis claimed yesterday that there was a real a warning that the situation. i could set off again at any time on this monday daddy do you think. the same way i usually still filled with access to that kind of feel all eyes that he is now gone the scooter to go on my new picture each and each pair of penny candy somewhat limited thinking. the capital of canada is currently on show below. from a friend tell me i'm actually worried friends to the fourth commandment that it will mean streak being a member of the read
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me the kick them out can be found at the command of protecting the president or the band. too bad. it finds the prospect lies with the ck parkinson's of the day involved in the central african republic will get that kid that makes a mean this guy knew what team he will use all on the third class two republican in the us alliance national stories coming up next. fan.
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session. steve. the uhaul welcome back to this war means more than seventy new boat to increase the flying into south africa for events this week to commemorate nelson mandela and it's just a tad to tatters but when major memorial will take place on tuesday. here are some of the nation speech is coming the lights heat from the cc probably most says the association with the mr
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men got into reading till the cold is the blog and see a puppet regime from china's bank it has comprised of palm and three former u s leaders george w bush bill clinton into the concept of the lungs that is a tuesday said its forces that will beat you in fact the gentle punk emo in eu commission president owes him one of frozen french president also on on the bridge financing to the cam and i think the sun built on more than ninety thousand south africans that espn stadium in to respect them and detonate his final appearance at the twenty ten football world cup the memorial will be shown on screens in three of the stadiums in that stinky but ninety screens are being set up nationwide all tiny fish as an actual band in the week ahead. the anti eclectic your pasta late on thursday at the age of ninety five. as we said south africa are paying two has made two will need is on tuesday at the first service to commemorate nelson and data
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liao cause for this to me tonight to explain the preparations and the events for the next few days the two nations are underway known for the big memorial service will take place at it from the stadium tomorrow that's needed to take up to ninety five thousand people. this was me he wanted people to get in get a boost that number is much bigger than that though they will have the fewest interest to accept it on this date to submit to the people can gather and watch the memorial service on the screen said. if you add it to the teeth coming through the list keeps on growing and kids and getting updates throughout the day setting that up to seventy from the deacon it is coming from or go to the wolves the united states. president barack obama coming to pick his wife michelle obama has been forbidden to content will be coming to former president bush as well as
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the performing and is considered to be content. i'm the best defense minded to have for you as president when i get the thing. less people coming to see if it is still to fill space to do so could then make an end to have that stability is coming through the rest of africa lots of corporations taking teeth and getting that big memorial service on the grounds tomorrow. and of course from the winds stay at home to nelson mandela will of the league's state of the union buildings from wednesday until friday and dad doing be it in the morning and often it will be towed into distinctive for its really the eight unit the size of government wants to give. after six months to see him in ghana. last time was it cctv american state to monty into thinking the size of the plaza mentality of the some of the us the polis d this is the movement is similar to the apostates trouble he says
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go in there that the eighty one again. mike dawson and data. some of the ideology would be similar. they ate they both were working were giants in the sense that they both won the nobel peace prize because the one man pursuing peace within our world of big twelve champion as i said the rights of the portal press and whenever there was human rights violations. they've both been there would be to be both she and is in that regard. they both were tremendously educated man. on saturday acquired a number of parallels between the two and perhaps also they both were fathers. do you think that the struggle for justice in south africa and the civil rights movement in the united states had many things in common. they did they actually today it's just a day of different sets of circumstances in the united states african americans why in the monarchy. anso it was a fraction of
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the population up saying that we wanted to acquire rights just as everyone else was in south africa eu yet the majority of black south africans who were old friends i mean argue whites so they aware there were some differences but there were some similarities in terms of segregation are and and and so all of those of the areas that had to be broken now. so while they are some similarities. the b two different types of movements ultimately getting rid of apartheid. in in a sense certainly is this the same is getting or use some left their similarities to getting rid of racism up the room throughout our world. o'neill is the fact that both him and ella had so much empathy mimi was ready to understand and appreciate the fifth of what some africans had evened out a piece way when we look at what he did in the sport's the renamed he rants and champion the game of rugby which is the king. that was seen at the time of puberty as the game of the oppressor
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well that that is actually correct but that was a brilliant strategy as well and is a belief that out that mr mandela possess our understanding that we must find ways to deal as many bridges as possible. that's the only way to the nation will move forward we can jess disengage from everything and certainly around the concept of sports people can in fact be brought together of the wrapper really can wrap her mind. president obama gave the united states said the interim all trophy off to the death of nelson bill was announced. he said we are not likely to see the likes of madonna a can you share that sentiment. why i think that perhaps not in our lifetime certainly we never know we cannot none of us can ever say. absurdly perhaps there would be a ton of them and
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outline of a martin became one of the gandhi. art becomes a tool to our world i don't know that we will see of the likes of of those gentlemen are all in and i liked. martin news that came this as being in the two cctv america. the cost time that people will say morning nelson mandela who is often called an old friend the south african embassy in teaching is offering a local competitors says. diplomats that same or more people are trickling in to pay tribute to resist you is that the high number ones and old friends well wishers in eighteen forty and to pay their last respects. nguyen and his classmates would either to sign the book of condolences this post. i knew i was asked in front of me not to touch and sociology
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don't even see this mindless mistaken as to why the fire has caused some problems with lapd left to do a little money in parts of the chinese double pace line to get to the south african embassy in the team he said buyers come from all walks of life. i extended his condolences to south africa and the ellis family. miss eating peanut since that time it will always remember mandela as a father of china south african relations. i was one of the very first countries mandela visited after being released from prison train at one time poll tested for his release. so what's a mandela off to bed. chairman mao did owns writing this. assuming that its use in them. maybe he has to become tenants in the sense that an ma with the tone. and it was a pity and a strong need to be tempe aunt made a liking to try inept lights in nineteen ninety two and in nineteen ninety nine. in his autobiography mandela
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the africans to the chinese as having a highly developed a dvd or faiths to yourself isn't remembered that way by the chinese nelson mandela and an incredible character and dignity. two cc's cctv beads. let's bring you back to the main story is now up on the central african republic where and in bondi fight and every teen christine and was the main issue seems to have calmed down of the three days of fighting it in the minds of more than four hundred people we have reports that j parkinson day in the capital casey you back with us here she had really high and i don't like acknowledge the religion in an insta out i can hand out will receive a challenging circumstances around you bringing this story to us and boy the story that for this we said that decade. do you say that this does seem to be some signs that the situation has calmed
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the storm beat the devils that we sold in the three days previous to this other talk a bit about the french troops that because we are hearing about this elected on the rebel groups the web for meat is sold by the presidents of the show should associate in september this year and now the french troops had this cough in this mission to disarm then completes the other is begging to be in austin. what about that christina pfeiffer still out there as well. a good question. my companion and friend option but protected from andy and i can revel in and out for the french eat for half an hour this morning making a number of them at any amount to much and being seen. i'll maintain economic option for the full amount that can and i'm thinking well i can reach out to the operation he wanted to make it back up and
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you can read an article in people. the president who get impatient if you win the day the question p money to make a difference in front of their divine mechanic. andy and the band never going to iraq this week that the trap before and i don't think that we feed the french don't pay them the african union. biden will. i will. the point that penalty in the clique on to a wheelchair. i've coached team in the shipping for the disciple who can keep africa. then hiding the chicken mayonnaise and baker. and i couldn't confirm the exact meaning making and trading up in front of that the country looking population. he did the trick is on. shot on goal. thanks
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to my skate park is enjoying is the instant classic and puffing. psychos who is a chinese foreign ministry statement says japan's comments on the east china sea. he's been taken this thing confuses what was wrong in a statement came on to the japanese defence minister said in his meeting with the philippines are trying to set up its air defense identification same to escalate tensions in the region. the twenty yen the japanese also issuance of grass it for months in china it's ridiculous. he's totally wrong. nice expressed its strong is that inspection we are dependent on a spree of staff concerns and the peel off its eastern neighbors in the international community to make our first team proven decorations. meanwhile home they expect chinese aggressive and south korea's expanded identifications and with caution the overlaps that decline is. he had his soul to deal with the cia and the imprudent me. olson says that the sea and brought a chinese pear tree. as the nazis somewhere then used a cold front is going strong winds and rain feeding up a heavy smoke in eastern china including counseling on clay
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in nineteen games don't still be small they let this be downgraded from humans fear is bred to orange sauce is the one at kindergartens and schools are free at them all to be suspended for two days high with the balls to be reopened. what a full costs to say that cool fumble strengthen this week needing to troughs in temperatures of up to eight degrees celsius in and to the north of the said fund reaches both the youngs the river. enjoy this release a national plan to tackle climate change the central government in teaching has ordered local governments at all that the office to carry out the strategy. the pine terrifies time is going ideally team principals in adapting to climate change and its products into the loo roll times by setting goals and cost of putting forth supporting measures a regional structure poetics the strategy is now before due to the finance agriculture forestry and me to go to court the pumpkins the implementation. well
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that was our wool ease at this rally could be back to the hotel booked and reality to have my thinking cap the one. bc's. yours. you
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knew one little boy who will the us. welcome to nhk world knows line and you know tidy until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am japanese prime minister she is on his approval rating it's up to its lowest level since he took office a year ago. trade officials have acknowledged that they dismiss the uncle and mentor of leader kim jong hoon. and


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